Happy new year!

What are your new year resolutions?

December was a bit rough for me for health reasons and nothing went as planned. A lot of cancelled sessions, I was off sick from work, no trips or Christmas markets and Christmas itself was a disaster. No fancy dinner or Christmas cookies or at least some quality family time together. BUT, I had loads of time to think about myself and my life and how I would like it to work for us as a family.

I was first thinking about these classic things that we all want to do. Eat healthily. Do a lot of exercises and lose weight. Like 30kg at least. Read more books. Spend less on social media. At the same time spend more time on Instagram and FB to boost my business.

Then I was thinking, wait a minute! This is what I am planning every single year and it never worked out for me! Why? What is the reason?

Then I always blame my mental health for all my problems. Which is right. It is the reason. But what is triggering it? Apart from some childhood traumas, it is many little things that are big enough to overwhelm me. Work, laundry, toys and clothes everywhere, feeling like I can’t focus on things because I am overloaded with material stuff that is supposed to be tidied up but hell, where is my energy for that?

For ages, I am thinking about how much rubbish we collected over six years in Scotland. It is unbelievable. We have five huge storage rooms, big enough to fit a single bed and yet it is not that big to store all out things that we possess. My kid’s room is constantly messy because they have too many toys, we have mountains of laundry, sometimes I am not longer sure about what is clean and what is already washed.

I am not kidding but if you called me now and wanted to come for a cup of tea then I will 100% give you an excuse for why it is not convenient for you to come. I will be at work and have some urgent appointment that can’t be cancelled. Because it is that messy that you can’t come here, your good imagine about me as a wife and mother can’t be destroyed by that mess I have in the house.

Did you ever watch some TV programme about Hoarders?

Most of the fights with my husband are about cleaning. Arguing about who is cleaning more or less, what is or isn’t done and all that stuff. The truth is that we are all fed up, tired of it and we feel defeated. We feel like our own home is eating us, swallowing us with junk that we actually don’t need. Why are we even buying these things? Because we can afford it? Because we want to impress who exactly?

This year, we decided to give each kid only three Christmas gifts. That was kind of a price for getting a kitten and they agreed to it. Was their joy any less when they have got this little? Not at all. We put more thoughts into their Christmas presents. And my six years old son told me: Mom, I think it is better when we get only a few gifts. Because when we get too many of them, we can’t play with all of them anyway. BUM!

Once again my own little creation gave me a life lesson. Good point son!

Then in the night, I was watching some youtube videos and I came across Sarah Therese.

She is a young mum of three kids who live a minimalist life. Oh my God, just what I needed! Everything on her channel made so much sense! And moreover, it is possible, she is having three children just like me and she can still make it work.

And from that moment I knew what is my new year resolution. We, as a family, need to live a more minimalist life. For the sake of our family, marriage and mental health. We need to focus more on what is really important and not to spend our lives cleaning junk that we don’t even use or need!

And my husband, with such relief, totally supported me with this. So we are slowly working on it. It is not going to be something that will change overnight. It will take time and it is going to be emotional. It is not easy to let things go.

We started with the living room. Everything is going. Right now, we have there only a sofa, cushions, TV, radio, lamp, bookcase and sideboard where we store board games. Ten black bin bags are gone. And that was our most tidy room. We already feel such a huge difference and it is funny how everyone tends to spend all day only in this place. It is because you can BREAAAAATHHEEEEE here! And it takes only like two minutes to tidy up this place. We don’t have any rubbish here, therefore there is nothing that will make it to look messy.

I am honestly so excited about this and believe me, I will keep you updated about the progress.

And who else is going to join me in this life-changing challenge? 😉

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