How was your holiday?

We had such a fantastic time last week. There are days when I can’t wait for kids to go back to school 😆

Last week was however fantastic.

Sometimes people ask me if it’s hard to start a new life in a foreign country. Yes, it is not easy.

The hardest part is that you leave everything behind. Home, favourite places, family, friends. You are completely alone. There is no one to help you, no one will just pop in your house for a cup of tea and for some silly chat. It is especially hard if you have a new baby. Health visitor was sometimes the only person that I could chat with for long weeks.

It can take years for you to settle down. To form new friendships. All new people that I met were usually colleagues from work or people in the church that are super lovely and sweet but there is something missing (even though some work friends are becoming my real friends now).

You know, that person that doesn’t care if you open the door in pyjamas. When that person calls you that s/he is coming for visit and you don’t have that need to hysterically tidy up the whole house so that s/he doesn’t think anything bad about you.

And the friends that I left behind? After six years in the UK, we are starting to grow apart. The contact is not that intensive as it used to be. Everyone kind of expect you to travel back home for the holidays. Not too many are willing to travel here for visit. I can’t blame them. It happens even if you live close to each other. When you are far away, you naturally gain new experience, change your values and opinions, meet new people and things are not the same anymore.

This is why I value so much those few that still stick around. Those that will come to see you when you are back because they understand how difficult it is to travel with three children. And if you have no time or money to travel, they won’t waste time, they will just sit on that plane that goes to Scotland.

Last week a friend of mine visited us with her daughter. Our daughters are very good friends too and they meet each other at least once every year. They share the same hobbies and interests and they even have the same name! They call each other Black Sisters and it is lovely to see that the distance doesn’t mean anything to them.

Such a lovely time we had and we are missing them already! 💗

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