A session with Aisha and her son was one of the easiest ones that I ever had. Our session took place on Cramond beach in Edinburgh. We had to reschedule a couple of times, the weather wasn’t nice at that time. I am so glad that we waited for this and didn’t change the location. I love this place, it is clean and quiet and very photogenic.

I didn’t need to give out any directions, I just followed them around and captured their moments. The connection, emotions and love, all are pure and unposed. I learned so many things too, it seems like there is nothing this mum doesn’t know. She was telling me that her father used to take her out on the beach and everything she knows, she got it from him.

Aisha is a young and beautiful mum, her son smart and curious and also very funny. They are the kind of people you immediately feel comfortable with and you secretly wish you could be part of their family.

By the way, this was my first time visiting this beach. We always go to  Portobello and Musselburgh but I didn’t know about this one until recently. I visited it since this session a couple of times with my kids and I can’t wait to go back there once we are back from our holiday.

Edinburgh is such an amazing place full of real gems. Anytime when you think you know it all, you always discover something new. Scotland, in general, is having great beaches where you can have a good time with your kids. Especially those sandy ones are my favourite.

I think the photographs speak for themselves and you can see yourself why I am so excited about these pictures 🙂 If it wasn’t too weird then I wouldn’t mind to hang them on my own wall. I love them so much!

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