Disclaimer: My children get a bath or shower every day (most of the time). We hoover our house. In fact, we have a robotic hoover that does the job for me. I washed the floor this morning. I am having microfibre cloths and wash the floor in an old fashioned way, nicely on my knees using hand and not mop.

Yet, my kid’s feet look like this all the time. I don’t understand how this happens and it is driving me insane. Who else can relate?

Our house looks like if we are eating on the floor. Literally. I wish you could see our kitchen after our mealtime. I have to empty our vacuum cleaner every single day because it is always full. It is ridiculous! I admire every parent who’s house is spotless. How do you do it? Please, for my own sanity, show me your ways 😉

Anyway. This morning we watched Youtube and came across a video where people are using their feet to do all sort of everyday stuff because they don’t have arms. Including painting! My kids wanted to try how it feels. Well, I didn’t allow them to make pancakes, for obvious reasons, but we brought out a roll of paper and crayons and they had to draw something.

It is a really hard thing to do! Dinah had a little meltdown because she couldn’t draw kitty, but Emmanuel had surprisingly tons of patience and lasted at least an hour before they gave up.

Did you ever try to draw something with your feet?

I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to buy calendars. it was a collection od beautiful paintings made by people from sheltered workshops who used their feet or mouth to paint. I was always fascinated by it and yes, I tried it several times to make my own art.

Which makes me think about another thing. How flexible are your feet? I have to admit, the mine suffered from years of wearing tight shoes and they are not flexible at all. I used to walk barefoot, then I moved to the city, got married and got a job. That was the end of me walking free. Recently I purchased my first barefoot shoes and I am telling you, I feel like I am a new person (or an old one for that matter?).

Such freedom! It is a little bit painful process, I must admit. It feels like if you visit a yoga class or gym for the first time and suddenly you can feel muscles that you didn’t know that you have. I decided that I don’t want my kids to suffer as I do, once they grow up and we are ditching their old shoes and replacing them with something better.

Have you got a favourite brand of barefoot shoes? Please, share it with me 🙂

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