Is there something that you always wanted to try? Since I met my husband, I had this desire to do something special for Nigerian Independence day. I kind of couldn’t figure out what. It has to be something special but what?

Cook jollof rice (probably the most famous Nigerian food)? Everyone is cooking or baking something.

Share some meme, picture from the Internet? Too easy!

I met Funke through my Internet and food blogger friend Phisayo. Phisayo is a great woman that I know for years from the Facebook group So You Think You Can Cook. We live close to each other but we never met in real! That’s what happens nowadays when you have so much to do in life.

Anyway, she introduced me (via Instagram, hee-hee) to this very talented hairdresser and make-up artist, Funke.

Funke got this amazing idea of making different hairstyles that represent three major Nigerian ethnic groups and do some photographs. Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. Of course, I am totally up for this! I always wished to capture African women and their beauty but I was a bit unsure where to start.

We great time full of laughter, sweat and hard work. Scottish weather almost ruined our plans but we didn’t give up.  We had to split the shooting into two days. The first flower-like hairstyle took long hours to get done. And once we finished, it was already getting too dark and it rained like, well in Scotland! However, this can’t stop us from creating something amazing, right?

I have to tell you, Nigerian women are the best models. Queens of Social media, these girls know how to pose! They will just do this 💃 and do that 🚶🏾‍♀️and blink here and blink there and all is done! 📸

And I really had a good laugh with these girls!

First, Funke asked me if I can help her with eyelashes. Like attach it to her eyelids and I was like, what, me? With my eye injury phobia? (Does it even exist? 😆) I just took it and throw it on her face while screaming and covering my face and asking “is it done?” 😆 Nope… I have many talents and make-up isn’t one of them 😆

Then while she was dressing up and styling her clothes, I said, hmmmm, something is missing 🤔🤔🤔You know that henna tattoo Hausa girls usually have? What a shame that you don’t have one! And she replied, not a problem! And came with the eyeliner and lipstick and made one in seconds! That’s what I call creativity 🙌 No time to waste! I

am very pleased that I could meet these gorgeous and amazing women! And very excited about the final photographs:

nigerian yoruba
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