This week I had to do personal branding photos… Not with client but with my own husband!
It is so so hard! He is definitely having photographer’s husband syndrome and allergy to my camera. It is same like with photographer’s children, when kids will be either terribly annoyed or making monster faces during any photo shooting. They will do anything else except of the thing you want them to do. With spouses it is even worse, you can’t bribe them with ice cream or other things that they like.

I was convinced that we are not going to get any decent photos, that he looks most of the time like serial killer. But I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the result. The final gallery looks really great and I think we have few nice shots.

My husband is very shy and it is his first time he is having professional photos done. Moreover, in presence of strangers and in the Cafe.

He is very happy with his final gallery and at the end of the day, that is all what matters.

He looks handsome, approachable, his smile is nice and welcoming. Exactly the way he is when I am not pointing my lens on him.

And what is personal branding photography?

Photographs that capture your brand and show clients your personality. They want to see the real you! They want to know how you work and they like to feel like they know you. Also it is great way to visually introduce yourself to new potential customers.

If you want to show world what you do and who you are then I am the right person for that!


Sydney Eneremadu - working on computer

Sydney Eneremadu - personal branding

SYDFF - personal branding

Sydney Eneremadu - cafe

Sydney Eneremadu -personal branding

Sydney Eneremadu personal branding

Sydney Eneremadu - personal branding Edinburgh


You can check out his business website  here.

By the way, his page is built by lovely Kamila Plachetkova.

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