Recently I had such a fantastic day!

I met one local photographer, Dorota Markowska, and we decided to go to Arthur seat. Can you believe that almost six years in Edinburgh and I never had an opportunity to go there?

We had this idea in our mind, to try to approach complete strangers and take photographs of them.

For those you don’t know me, I have terrible social anxiety and let me tell you, things like that are a real challenge for me. It was very new for Dorota too. She spotted this couple, said how much she loves her dress and I was like… I am going to do it… I AM GOING TO DO IT! 😆

And you know what? It was amazing! We met new, interesting people from all corners of the world, we had nice chat and even got a hug!

But I am not going to lie, it is a bit funny feeling. All I could think of was oh my, did I just talked to someone that I don’t know? All creativity, whatever I learned about composition went away somewhere for a walk 😆 But I really enjoyed myself!

still can’t believe how wonderful an experience this was. Shooting strangers (haha) with Dorota, who is my idol for some time now.

She was right when she said the universe works in a mysterious way and when you have happy thoughts and wishes they might eventually come true. I am so glad that I met this wonderful woman!

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