My last session was with amazing Tricia. I saw her Instagram posts here and there that were mostly talking about her motherhood, breastfeeding and mental health and I could strongly relate to them as I was going through similar things too.

I am currently working on a photo project called “The Real Breastfeeding” and I was often thinking about contacting her and asking her if she would like to participate. She is very inspiring and I know she has a lot to offer to other mums (and dads too). Of course, she said yes! And she was amazing.

Tricia is really friendly and she is someone you instantly feel very comfortable with. She is mum of four gorgeous boys and by the way, she is a founder of Juno PMHS Edinburgh that supports mums with perinatal mental health difficulties.

My TRB project will be published during World Breastfeeding Week in August. Tricia will share her journey with you. It is very inspiring and I promise you, you are going to feel a lot better about yourself once you see that there are a lot of mums that feel exactly like you!

Stay tuned!

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